Qt3D Repeater and Loader bug – Part 2

In my previous post, I talked about an important issue encountered with Qt3D 2.0 that would not allow Item3D in Repeater or Loader element to be loaded by the rendering engine.

Before entering into the details of this bug solving, I’ll quickly explained how Qt3D is integrated with the new QtQuick 2.0 scenegraph. Continue reading


Qt3D Repeater and Loader bug – Part 1

While developing Tepee3D, we encountered a few bugs with the Qt3D module. Of course this is not something surprising as it is rather new and not officially part of the Qt 5.0 release yet. However, when having tight deadlines, waiting for someone else to solve them is not something to consider, especially when these bugs stop you and your team from progressing on your tasks. Trying to solve them and contribute to an open source project is a better way to handle such situations. Continue reading


As an Epitech student, a part of our fourth and fifth years has to be spent developing an innovative idea. Along with some other students we gathered around thinking about various project ideas. At the time we were developing the Tepee project on our spare time. Tepee was a multi-platform application developed with Qt and QtQuick that aimed at providing users a same interface across various devices. With that interface, users were able to post notes, add appointments in a calendar, post and retrieve files from an ftp server, save and visit bookmarks with the integrated web browsers… In addition, all those data could be synced so that if you had added a new bookmark on your phone, you would also have it on your desktop the next time you used the application. Continue reading